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Hot off the press-my 2nd travel book Summers On-The Global Explorations Of An Educator.

Please contact me at larryshortell@gmail.com if you’re interested in a signed copy.

Author/Artist Statement-

Recently, my 2nd book “Summers On” was published. Summers Off and Summers On are entertaining travel essays that each take you to over 26 locations worldwide. These are some of my most memorable adventures from my travels thus far. I have gotten all great reviews from friends, fellow travelers and the media. It is available at Amazon.  So pick up a copy, give me some feedback; personally or via a review on Amazon.

My interest in photography began when I started traveling.  I saw plants, animals, and people that were all so different than what I had known from the first part of my life.  I knew I wanted to capture those incredible memories not only to relive them later in life but also to share them with others.  Over time, I realized that I enjoyed experiencing the natural wonders of our world first-hand and creating images that were natural not only in composition but in production.  I wanted to relay the exhilaration I felt when my eyes first set on such rich and unique sights.

Over the last twenty years, I have had the pleasure of traveling to over 100 countries, all seven continents, and each of the 50 states.  I learned that the beauty and simplicity of nature are seen not only in far-off exotic places but also in our own back yard.  Within this webpage, I have put together a collection of some of my favorite images. My goal is to represent the richness of color, light, and expression often found in the uncomplicated, natural splendor of our world. I hope these photographs of flora, fauna, people, and places transport others to adventures yet to be imagined.

Here is my coffee table book! It has over 75 of my pictures of Flora, Fauna, People, Places, and abstracts from around the world. Please contact me at larryshortell@gmail.com if you’re interested in a signed copy.

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People Plus


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Escape Rooms


Escape rooms. Cool new thing.


First time was in Middletown with Lisa


Next was with Betty & Lenny


Then Torrington with the Explorations crew.


The we did the new one in South Windsor- and finally we were successful!

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Enduro Motorcycle


It’s been a few years since I had a motorcycle I could take off-road. I missed it!


So I got me another Honda.


Love being out there.


In the woods.




Gettin’ it

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Gone Fishin’


It’s been a year since I starting fishing. I totally see why it’s so addicting. more »

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Bonaire U/W

frog fish mouth open 2

Of course, the true reason for Bonaire is the underwater world including this yellow frogfish. more »

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Bonaire Above Water


So Bonaire is beautiful from above water as well. more »

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Underwater Caves

In Bonaire, we discovered they had caves-and underwater caves. more »

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Sailing Bonaire


So this summer it was back to Bonaire. Aside from diving, we sailed! more »

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So we went to an old church in Riverton that was converted into a glass-blowing shop & studio-watch the process more »

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