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Andes Mountains

So this is the path we took up to Martial Glacier in the Andes Mountains.
The path got steeper and deeper. more »
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Ushuaia, Argentina

So this is Ushuaia! The world’s most southern town. It’s a quaint little town that reminds me of Seward, Alaska. Pretty much each day here it is cold, warm, sunny and raining in its 18 hours of daylight. I imagine it’s the same in the winter, without the heat and change the daylight to dark. more »
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Isabela Island, Galapogos

So after a hellish three-hour boat ride on a tiny craft in the Galopogos rough seas, we arrived in the beautiful island of Isabela. The first thing I did was head to Sierra Negra on horseback. This volcano that erupted like less than two years ago, claims the 2nd largest caldera in the world. It was a very clear day in the highlands, and we could see all the way across.
I saw flamingos, pelicans, frigates, boobies, stingrays, sharks, sea lions, turtles, iquanas, eels and of course penquins. These are the 2nd smallest type of penquins. We saw them swimming, paddling on the surface in groups of 15-20, and sitting on the rocks.
After a few days I took another small boat on a terrible ride to the island of Floreana to do some snorkling at Diablo Corona (Devils Crown). We then went on to San Cristobol. The only thing I liked about this island was the enormous sea lion colony that took over most of the beach and some of the boardwalk. Oh yeah, and it was the place to go to get to Española! more »
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Española, Galapogos

So I know I promised no more Galopogos photos, but this is Española!
Above is the masked boobie. more »
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Isla Plaza, Galapagos

So yesterday I went to Plaza Island and had the greatest interaction with sea lions. We saw one, then two, then three, then four, then five, and then eight or nine by the time we came to the islands tip. This was obviously where they hung out. They were above us, below us, in and out of the caves, and all around us.
I took the advice of a local and instead of just looking at them, I decided to get a little goofy and play. more »
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North Seymore Island/ Gordon Rocks

So this is the dive boat I work on-the DIOS ME GUIE (God is my guide). Tito is the captain and Jabinero,on deck, is the 1st mate. more »
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The Highlands, Galapogos

So I knew I said I wasn’t going to blog for awhile, but today was a day off of diving and I had the coolest experience with the giant Galopagos tortoises. This couple in town invited me to their farm in the highlands and they had these monsters everywhere. more »
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Puerto Ayora, Galapogos

So this is life in the Galapogos Islands. There are marine iguanas everywhere. At this place in Tortuga Bay. I see them swimming, walking right past me while I sunbath, and in this area I see groups of 25 and more all hanging together.
A view from across the bay. more »
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Santa Cruz, Galapogos

So this is what I’m seeing underwater…
…manta rays, more »
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So here are some underwater photos from snorkels and dives! From this spot is where the sea lion bit me in the arm. The beach just opposite this one we could not snorkel because the white tip sharks were everywhere right off shore in like six inches of water. more »
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