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So I hit the big 5-0. Peru is my 50th country! Yeah! I arrived in Lima and the next day flew to Cusco. Cusco is a great town with houses high on the hills and many churches and museums. It has a pretty high altitude so I chilled the first day to adapt. I already found out previously on this trip that altitude kicks my butt, plus I had pulled an all-nighter in the airport the night before.After checking out Cusco for a few days I took a train to Aguas Calientes. This is a quaint town that totally caters to folks that are there to visit Machu Picchu. In fact, I don’t know that there was a town there before the re-discovery of Machu Picchu. The first day was raining so this guy from Switzerland and I went to the hotsprings. It had great views of the mountains all around us. The next morning we set out at 4 am and climbed to the entrance. It took almost 1 1/2 hours to reach the top. The thin, lingering clouds as the sun started to rise, made the trip well worth it. Below is what I saw when the sun came up.

This is from the same spot I had seen my first photo of Machu Picchu. Wayanpichu is the high peek in the background. I needed to climb that too! more »
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Easter Island

So this is Easter Island. It belongs to Chili. I arranged a three day layover before I went to Santiago, Chili. The first day was raining and the waves were crazy. more »
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So this is one of the most expensive places to go, but my Lans Chili Airlines has a stopover there so I had to take advantage of this and dive! dive! dive! I decided to bond with this stingray, kind of as a tribute to Steve Irwin-sorry mom! more »
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Steve Irwin- Australia

So after PNG, I headed to Australia to see the Australian Zoo and hopefully meet this man. As you are aware my hero got killed less than a week earlier by a stingray. I spent a couple days in Cairns and then went to Brisbane (Steve’s zoo is about 70 km north). I went to the zoo the next day. Although it was impressive, and I was able to see several animals I had not seen before, it was a very sad atmosphere. There were hundreds of flowers and plants around the outside, brought in by the crocodile hunter’s fans, and more were being brought each day. They plan to bury him on the grounds and there was to be a ceramony two days after I was there. more »
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Papua New Guinea

So this is the real new guinea.

                                                                                           I was thrilled to be able to witness this. more »

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Bogia, Manan & Boisa Islands PNG

So I’m in Madang and I meet this guy Steve from the cultural center. He is going to the area of Bogia, about three hours north of where I am. This couple, Jackie and Gus want to open a little guest house behind this village. They are taking Steve there to show him the area and see if he thinks there is potential for travelers. A guide from the highlands and a Japanese representative, Toeshe, are going too. Steve asks if I want to come along. I cancel my dive and head out.The ride to the guest house, named Anua Negu, was a trip in itself. We passed many villages that started as care centers for all the people who had to leave a volcanic island after its eruption in 2004. After checking out my room, #1 (I was the first official guest that would ever stay here), I visited the village which separates the guest house from the ocean. We then were off to see what would make this an attraction to a visitor beside the amazing ocean and view of Manan, the volcanic island.

First we visited the village of Malangen to pick up a small boat. All the people were so nice and so curious. This girl was my favorite. In the three times we would visit this village, this was the only time she would not be holding a baby. Notice the village tattoo on her right cheek. more »
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Vemino & Madang, PNG

So I arrived in Jayapura, Indonesia and went strait to immigration to get a visa for Papua New Guniea (PNG). Signs were posted everywhere and the gentleman stated that it was at least a two day process. 50,000 Rupia (about five bucks), made the process magically take a couple hours. It took about another hour to get a van to the border and about 45 minutes to cross through two Indonesian checkpoints/borders. Then I walked through to a PNG border.

I waited a couple hours to get a ride to the nearest town, Vemino, about 45 minutes away. I met a very kind family who gave me advise, a ride, and showed me where to stay. Later they would spend the weekend showing me their town and the surrounding village. I didn’t plan on staying in Vemino, I was heading to Madang where the diving is! But after finding out that I couldn’t drive to Madang because there are no roads, we went to the “airport” and I was told there was a flight on Monday.

Before I had a chance to get discouraged, I decided I would make the best of this small town. Abby and Eddie, part of the family I met at the border, would be my PNG representitives. They turned out to be extreamlly nice guys who wanted absolutely nothing from me except friendship. This was very different from what I had experienced for the last four and 1/2 months in Asia. I also discovered that everyone I met from PNG was just like them. The first thing my new friends did was take me to their home to meet their family. I came at a bad time because the entire female extended family was washing. After getting decent, they showed me their pets.

This is Abby’s sister holding their pet cuscus (chances are this is the wrong spelling). This is a small baby but huge ones are found in the highlands. more »
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Gili Islands, Indonesia

The Three Gili Islands of Lombok is where I spent my last weeks in Indonesia. more »
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