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Puerto Ayora, Galapogos

So this is life in the Galapogos Islands. There are marine iguanas everywhere. At this place in Tortuga Bay. I see them swimming, walking right past me while I sunbath, and in this area I see groups of 25 and more all hanging together.
A view from across the bay. more »
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Santa Cruz, Galapogos

So this is what I’m seeing underwater…
…manta rays, more »
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So here are some underwater photos from snorkels and dives! From this spot is where the sea lion bit me in the arm. The beach just opposite this one we could not snorkel because the white tip sharks were everywhere right off shore in like six inches of water. more »
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So I arrived in Ecuador and spent eight days in Quito. I stayed four days in New Town and four in Old Town at 3 different hostels. Then I took a flight to Guaquil and onto the Galopogos islands!The boat in the background of this first photo is named Sea Cloud (note the diving bird behind my left shoulder). Its a 65 foot sailboat that I was supposed to spend eight days on. It broke down after four! We were on and off of it and spent some time on another boat called The Espanola. Ironically the island of Espanola, known for the albotrose, is the one we missed because of the broken boat. But I did visit Genovesa, Isle De Plaza, Santigo, North Seymore, Bartolome, Baltra and the main island of Santa Cruz.

Boobies! Boobies! Boobies! We saw hundreds, maybe thousands of boobies! This is a Red Footed Boobie. more »
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