Isabela Island, Galapogos

So after a hellish three-hour boat ride on a tiny craft in the Galopogos rough seas, we arrived in the beautiful island of Isabela. The first thing I did was head to Sierra Negra on horseback. This volcano that erupted like less than two years ago, claims the 2nd largest caldera in the world. It was a very clear day in the highlands, and we could see all the way across.
I saw flamingos, pelicans, frigates, boobies, stingrays, sharks, sea lions, turtles, iquanas, eels and of course penquins. These are the 2nd smallest type of penquins. We saw them swimming, paddling on the surface in groups of 15-20, and sitting on the rocks.
After a few days I took another small boat on a terrible ride to the island of Floreana to do some snorkling at Diablo Corona (Devils Crown). We then went on to San Cristobol. The only thing I liked about this island was the enormous sea lion colony that took over most of the beach and some of the boardwalk. Oh yeah, and it was the place to go to get to Española!Within a week, I was missing Isabela. So were the two German guys I had been traveling with since Santa Cruz, and our new friends Larry and Sandy from Mexico/California. So we flew back to Isabela on a four passenger plane and had a great view of the rest of the Galopogos Islands.
Now back on our favorite island, we enjoyed more animals at the Tunnels, Los Tintoraras, and the rest of this peaceful paradise.

More bonding.

Iquana and baby sea lion.

More besos (kisses).
This huge iquana was either coming for a kiss or to fight, I couldn’t tell.

I still cant tell.

I sat on some lava and watched these two go at it for like 10 minutes-3 rounds. In the background there were two more fighting. They were still going at it when i left. I dont know how many more rounds there were. I had to go check out more wildlife-plus my ass really hurt!


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  1. Janelle says:

    What a neat artlice. I had no inkling.

  2. I can so picture this, great description! And also, I have made no secret of my love of orange cats and Simon just keeps proving why they are so fantastic.

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