So the long trip across Montana was great. Lots of horses and farms and wide-open spaces. After visiting a few Indian reservations I hit Glacier national. Only five miles of scenic road from the eat side, and about 12 from the west. I was not even able to make it the whole 12 because of snow. My truck/hotel doesn’t do very well in snow, but it was fun seeing what I did. Very nice!I Next I visited Punda in Washington. We checked out Seattle and biked all over Banbridge Island. Then I explored Olympic State Park, went to the farthest Northwestern point, and made my way down the west coast. I went to Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens (shown above).

In Oregon’s coast, lighthouses were the theme. As well as some national and state parks.

The seal/sea lion below was one of many. We also went to the largest sea cave in the world where we saw dozens.

My favorite spot-Crater Lake. The worlds cleanest lake!

The Cove Palisades State Park and the Chinook Lake. Great hiking, camping, waterfalls and caves.

Mt. Hood-Oregon’s highest mountain. Slept in the parking lot of the historic Timberline Lodge 6000 feet up. They were filming a movie there with Dennis Hopper when I arrived.

Idaho’s Craters of the Moon. Volcanic caves and mountains.

After stopping at Jackson Hole, I entered
Grand Tetons National Park. Cool hikes and scenery…

…and a momma grizzly and three young cubs!

(bear photo on website)
Next was Yellowstone’s “Old Faithful,”

and Mammoth Hot Springs.

I watched several coyotes hunt, feed and pounce.

sorry-coyote pic on website only

The bison were abundant.

I saw two black bear at Yellowstone. One was sleeping and the other appeared to be eating grubs, bark and some grass.

The last thing I saw before I left the park, besides a million dear, were bighorn sheep.

The last thing I saw on my trip was Devils Tower. After passing the geographical center of the U.S. and a quick breakfast in Fargo, N.D., it was just one long, boring drive home.


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