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So this month we played some Whirlyball with the gang. more »
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Kenya, Guatamala, Belize Blast from The Past

So I started 2005 with a trip to Belize. I spent a week in Placencia at a little guest house. I shared the second floor with a nice family from Belgium. When I wasn’t diving, I was chilling in a hammock on the porch staring at the ocean. more »
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So Lisa and I decided to head north to see some foliage. more »
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So we bought kayaks, Wilderness kayaks, to enjoy just that.

This was taken at Mill Pond, my favorite place, a mile or so from my house. One can see why I like it so much, this is a reflection. more »
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A New Car

So my truck died in Enfield, NC on my way home from my vacation. I left it and rented a Uhaul for the return trip. The truck, or fort, served me well with two trips to Canada, two out west, and 2 1/2 down the east coast to Florida. I haven’t had a new car in 24 years so I thought it might be time. I bought a brand new Jeep Compass. I thought the name was very appropriate, but I like to think this wasn’t the only reason I chose this vehicle.

                                                                                                                  or was it? more »

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So in July we did another two-week ‘all you can breathe’ dive package. We paid for one boat dive over to Klein Bonaire island, a night dive at town pier, and this dive to salt pier. The soft coral that grew on these columns was incredible.

Here is the salt that is processed on the island. more »
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So on June 11th, my students left the building, excited about their summer. I pushed them out of the way and beat half of them to their cars. More excited than most of them, I was already packed and well on my way by nightfall. June 12th I arrived in West Virginia and hiked that states section of the Appalachian Trail-four miles!

I stayed a couple of days in Florida and then flew from Miami to Bonaire! more »
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National Geographic Adventure

So the Reminder News did an article on my display.

Here it is! more »
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The Cabin

So we decided to take a little trip to Buzz’s cabin in New Hampshire.First we had to scare away the mice. I was careful not to shoot Lisa in the foot like I did to my brother the last time we I did this. more »
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Costa Rica & Panama Blast From The Past

So I hadn’t really done much in March, so I thought a blast from the past would be cool. In 2004 Tony from Tampa and I went to Panama to see the famous Panama Canal shown below. more »
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