Maine for Moose

So this month it was a trip to Maine to scout for moose.
But first a trip to Ogunquit.
Then due north
Still a lot of snow
Indian Lake
We saw lots of deer-last count was 50.
Slept in Jeep first night at this camp site by a lake in Jackman.
Spotted this hare
Got up close enough to touch

Took me awhile to build up trust though. Here is the hare on the left and me on the right in the woods. I actually fell through the snow and it turned out to be a stream.
Face to face with bugs
Checked out Umbagog and then Androscoggin.
Found nice B&B-much more comfortable than Jeep-but no moose.
Went home via North Conway and through the White Mountains and the Kangamonga. We got plenty of snow, and plenty of deer.

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