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NBC & Madam Tussauds

So we took our seniors to another trip to the city for the holiday season. This is a combo between this and last year. This year we started off with a tour of the NBC studios at 30 Rock. We saw things like the control room, Good morning America set, and my favorite, the set for Saturday Night Live. There were a couple of celebrities on stage rehearsing, but I didn’t really know them. It’s not like it was Angelina Jolie. more »
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Connecticut’s Fall/Winter Storm

So Connecticut’s awesome foliage got interrupted a bit when we got an unexpected snow storm. more »
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Jungle Jack Hanna

So this is my 100th blog! Wow! for over 5 years I’ve been blogging about my travel, adventures, or experiences. Well, this month I was fortunate enough to meet one of my heros, Jungle Jack Hanna. I’ve watch Jack on Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures, Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild, Letterman, and Ellen (not that I watch that show…unless Jack is on). Jungle Jack travels the world to see wild animals. He also raises awareness to help animals in need through books, television and talks. Saturday he spoke at the Warner in Torrington, CT. I got there a couple hours early (it’s what I do). I went in to see if he would be signing books before the show. He had just arrived and was in the lobby. I walked up and started talking to him. He brought me backstage to give me a picture. There was a problem so I had to wait. I waited while he directed all the staff on how the show would go (music, videos, lights, layout, etc). I waited contently as I watched all the animals being brought in from outside-a sloth, cheetah, owl, python, fox, etc. Above is Jack signing a photo for me backstage.
Below is a photo of me and Jack that I was wicked psyched to get. more »
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Natural Wonders Photographs

So September was a great month for Natural Wonders. This is me at the Litchfield arts & craft faire. Below I am replacing a sold picture. more »

Utilla, Honduras

Flying to the little bay island of Utilla from the main land Honduras. more »
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Venice, Book Sign, and Blue Ridge Pkwy.

So I went to Venice, FL to hunt for some more fossils. Above it what a shark tooth looks like underwater before I scoop it up. more »
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Amish Country and Book Signing

So this summer started with a past-due visit to the Amish Country of Pennsylvania. more »
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“Summers Off” My First Book!

This is it, my travel book. Started almost eight years ago. I can’t say I have been working on it straight through. There were months I would go without writing a word. I guess I was waiting to get motivated; sitting down at a desk is not exactly my thing. I did take a year off to travel around the world, not to look for more stories because the first draft of this was already complete. And of course I never wrote at all during the months of June, July, or August because I had summers off ! more »

Winter & Vermont

Great winter-I could snowshoe in my yard! more »
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Ice Climbing-Mass.

Finally had a good cold winter. Decided to do some ice climbing. These falls in Mass. will do. more »
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