Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

So after St. John I flew to Managua, Nicaragua and then took this small plane to Big Corn Island and then took small boat to little Corn Island. This man, Mr. Bing, picked us up on his boat to take us to his cottage.

This is his little oasis on the northern tip of the island next to…nothing!

Ahhh the Peace & Love Farm

This was our cottage-completely surrounded by trees.

Each morning Mr. Bing would bring us fruit, eggs, bread, or coconuts.

I was crazy for the coconuts!

Our resident banana spider

Our place was wicked hot and buggy, but this was the only alternative.

Each morning we would walk through the woods and into the small village.

This was the village.

Each evening we would walk the 30 minutes back to the cottage. Until one couple got assaulted and the guy got whacked in the head with the butt end of the attackers machete.

Then we started having Mr. Bing take us to the village in boat.

Horseback riding around the island…

…with Mr. Bing

Natural refreshments when I returned

One day Lisa and I circumnavigated the entire island.

Pulled over for cool drink at half-way point.

Unexpectedly picked up a hitchhiker on the local side of the island

Ended back where we started-at the dive shop. These are the dive boats we took each day-all day.

After 10 days on Little Corn, we were ready to move on. Peace & Love boat to small transport boat to the little plane back from Big corn (shown below) to Managua.

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