Venice, Book Sign, and Blue Ridge Pkwy.

So I went to Venice, FL to hunt for some more fossils. Above it what a shark tooth looks like underwater before I scoop it up.

Here is me with one of the 200 plus fossilized teeth I found this year. Note the poor visibility-characteristic to Florida’s west coast. Although I find so many teeth, only on one of these dives in the last 20 years have I ever seen a shark-and it was three of them…and they were bull sharks!

This is a frog fish. Apparently it is rare. I was just as shocked to find a small sea-horse on a dive out here years back-who knew?

This summer I had a second book signing. This was in NC. Here I am signing my book to donate to the local library. Below I am presenting to the librarian. My uncle and aunt are to my right.

Below I am showing the illustration from the chapter I am about to read.

Me reading a passage from chapter “K”

Answering questions

Signing books

Answering questions from the reporter.

I also drove back through the Smoky and blue Ridge Mountains. I started at Tallulah Gorge, a place I had climbed 18 years earlier with Dan from Dunwoody (GA).

Looking for Boo Boo

Awesome ridges…of blue

Atop one of the peeks

Lisa atop…the top (of the Blue Ridge Parkway).

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