Utilla, Honduras

Flying to the little bay island of Utilla from the main land Honduras.

Above is my back porch.
Below is the view from the front.

Our whale-shark shaped pool

Thiery from France, Liz from Venezuela, me and lisa…from the USA

Our cool dive shop

Keeping away boredom when the boat broke down…sound familiar?

Visiting the fishing village a few islands over.

This family lived alone under a boat on the adjacent abandoned island.

A fisherman feeding the birds

Our first week’s dive buddies: Doug, Josephina, Juju, Mark, Barbara, Lisa, me, Victoria

Alien Bubbles

electric eel

Gigundous octopus


my favorite-seahorse

a ramora tries to suck onto me; the hair turns him off

atoad fish-my first

a lionfish-speared

bonding with squid again-we say them mate!

underwater reflections

Halli Burton Shipwreck

Last day, couldn’t dive, so kayaked

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