Alaska – Blast From The Past

So this is a blast from the past from my year in Alaska. This first pic is me comparing my hand to the track of a bear paw from within the Wrangler St. Alias NP (6 times larger than Yellowstone). We drove through the night, set up our tent and camped on side of road for a few hours. The next morning we drove down the crookedest road in North America, crossed the river, and got a ride to this old ghost town (below). we then walked the 5 miles to the small town of McCarthy-population 35.

A couple trips to Matanuska Glacier gave me some great exploration of ice caves.

Snowboarding and skiing at Alyeska.

My train north to visit Mt. Mckinly-amazing scenic trip.

Aside from teaching in the elementary school, I also worked at the Alaska Sealife Center. It allowed me free cruises starting from the Resurrection Bay. I  went on 7 eight hour cruises in that year. I saw killer whales, Dall Porpoise, sea lions, puffins, and  many other wild creatures.

The Alaskan pipeline-I followed it down to Valdez.

This cabin I lived in, which was located off Bear Lake Road, and just feet away from the original start of the Iditerod, made for a truly authentic Alaska experience.

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