Palau was the next stop.

great little islands

even better waters

so we spent most of the time underwater

This was one of our dive boats-we mostly dove with Fish-N-Fins

a unicorn fish

a school of barracudas

dropping down into the Blue Holes

we did several shipwrecks and this WWII plane wreck

we encountered plenty of manta rays feeding and dancing

we would hook on to the rock at the edge of the wall

the current would make me feel as if I were flying-underwater of course

here we would see many sharks feeding-only one dive (of the 35 we did here) did we not see sharks

this is Chandelier Cave. There were five seperate rooms to it

this is coming out of Chandelier Cave

Lisa reached her 300th dive!

We went to Clam City

Look at the size of these things

Then the famous Jellyfish Lake


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