Yap was a place I wanted to visit for exactly 20 years.

Yap is the land of stone money. I thought I would take some home…until I saw the size.

These are some men’s houses used for meeting and village decisions.

This is dead coral that is collected on a traditional raft.

It is cooked and crushed into lime and mixed with beetle nut-they all chew it.

A WWII Japanese plane we saw when hiking.

We even found stone money underwater

This is a mandarin fish. We saw about a dozen of them on our night dive. We even saw them mate.

Manta Rays

I love them

We spent hours at this cleaning stations-there were always between 2 and 5 mantas.

This is a homemade outrigger canoe. Me and and a big native guy paddled this through the bay, taking turns paddling and bailing.

This man was carving a canoe

This was a homemade sailboat.

I got to sail in it. Here I am setting the riggings.

Out to sea

Below is our return-great experience!

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