South Africa-Oudtshoorn

After a week or so in Capetowm, we wanted to get out of the city and into nature-so we headed to Oudtshoorn.

This is a waterfall we came upon-can you see me on the ledge in the middle left?

This is Swartberg Pass-great scenic drive

Here I am at Cango Caves

Great anthropological significance

I went to Buffelsdrift Game lodge…

…to feed the elephants…

…and get elephant hugs

These ladies were selling feather dusters and such made from ostrich feathers.

There were ostrich farms everywhere. People like these guys ride them.

I did not do that, but I fed them!

One of my best experiences was visiting the Cango Wildlife Ranch-seeing this leopard…

having lorikeets land on me

even seeing this ugly bat

or this lion

when I saw this croc…

I just had to get into a cage and have them surround me

But having lemurs climb all over me was one of the best

next to petting a cheetah that is

(look at that cute face)

or petting a tiger cub

On the way back to Capetown, we went on safari. We saw elephants, lions, zebras, these rhinos,

and lots of giraffes-this was the closest I had ever gotten to one.

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