Cape Town, South Africa

From our hotel in Capetown, South Africa overlooking the ocean

One day when it was bad weather, we went to the aquarium. We saw this huge tank filled with these ragged tooth tiger sharks.

So we made arrangements to dive with them!

Here we are on the roof ready to drop down into the freezing water.

Once on the bottom, I felt a little braver. Is there something behind me?

On another day we went to a park. A monkey reached in my pack and stole my Mentos.

This meerkat was tormenting this poor bat-eared fox.

Lots of owls I went in the cages with

We took the ferry over to Robben Island to see Nelson Mandela’s prison.

These limestone quarries are where he worked. The hole-known as the university-is where Nelson and friends would discuss politics.

This was Nelson’s cell. Mandela was in the hospital when we were there and several months later this great leader died.

Here I’m atop the famous Table Mountain-one of the wonders of the world.

We drove down the peninsula and stopped at Boulder Beach to hang out with African penguins…

also known as Jackass penguins

I drove inland to the southern most point of Africa

Here I stand between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans-full of great white sharks and huge waves.

Below we took the road less traveled-and loved it!

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