To Uruguay. Our last stop in this around-the-world-trip.

This was our hotel roof-top pool. Nice hotel-we spent a lot of time here managing our photos and setting up our vacation’s slideshow.

This was the famous Rambla

We saw the sights

Then crossed the bridge to Paraguay

This part of the country was  mostly known for shopping. I don’t shop, but…

…I went there to see the 2nd largest dam in the world. It was the largest till dam China built a bigger one.

We saw more sights in the week we spent in Uruguay, we were right on the water.

We watched the fishermen

and the kids

when I saw all the boats, I had a strong desire to sail.

So I marched myself over to this Yacht club and did my best to communicate what I wanted. It didn’t go well, and I was told over and over that this was not that kind of club. I guess it was more drinking and less sailing because the boats always seemed to be in the harbor. With much more persistence and many more attempts, I finally found someone who knew someone who may take us out. I awaited the call at the hotel, translations were made, and the very next day…

…we were sailing.

And I was a happy camper (sailor). Lisa practiced her Spanish with the nice captain, and I stood at the bow, alone, quiet, reflecting on my last 5 months abroad.

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