So I went to Tanzania because it was the second best place to go on safari. This jeep is where we spent two weeks admiring wildlife.

Like this Nile crocodile

The roof of the jeep lifts up for better photographs

And with my new GoPro, I could not be contained

We visited many places like Manyara NP, Tangarie NP, and Nagoragoro Crater-where it was quite cold.

The Serengetti was where we spent the most time-here it was not cold…at all.

We stayed in some nice lodges, and some shitty tents, like this place.

Regardless of the comfort, the smile was because we could look out and see the migration, and hear the hungry lions roaring at night.

As well as wicked cool fauna, we also saw some pretty terrific flora, like these boa boa trees.  They produce a fruit that looks like chalk, has a lemon flavor, and comes in a skinny coconut-like shell.

The plains are a tough place to survive and we saw many a kill. The remains were usually only a skull.

We met many interesting people…

…and of course were always happy to see the children

From our previous nights lodging,  we would take box lunches and eat at a roadside picnic area. The orange cloth was constantly soaked with water to try and maintain my body temperature (I have trouble sweating). This particular day it was not enough and on this luncheon I stumbled round and almost passed out.

This fishing village was on the edge of Lake Victoria. We watched as locals fished, washed clothes, and filled up their drinking water, all while big-ass birds like this one, shat in the  same water.

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