Spring Skiing & Kayaking

Spring break this year again led me up north kayaking, but I also did some spring skiing!

The skiing in a T-shirt was cool, but the snow was not that great on this central VT mountain.

On my very first day, I saw a bald eagle-so I paddled out to it. I also saw muskrats, turtles, frogs, geese and a great blue heron.

I was able to find some lakes and ponds that were not frozen.

Turkey Vultures overhead.

Other waters, like Dublin Lake here, were solid.

On this river I had to portage through the rapids, the current was still too strong to continue.

I was going to climb this mountain again like in 1985 and 1989, but still closed for winter.



This island I slushed through the loose ice to get to.

Great blue heron

A gorge I hiked in NH

I took a short trip to Wachussett, Mass. to see where Larry Beer was brewed.

This beaver lodge was one of three on this shallow marshy pond. I broke a paddle pushing myself along in certain areas.

The strenuous trip around the pond was worth it-especially when I caught the turtle below!

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