The start of my love for motorcycles in 1977 with this Honda 70 I purchased from my paper route and snow shoveling money.

In 1980, my neighbor Brian and I went in on this Yamaha YZ 125. I remember missing a considerable amount of school in the months that followed. Brian still has the bike!

In 1983, while living in California, I bought my first street bike, this 1972 Yamaha 600…

…months later, I traded it for a 1984 Yamaha Maxim 550.

In 1987, I went with the racing style of this Kawasaki GPZ 550.

i needed something to play off-road, so in 1988, I bought a Susuki 2oo enduro. I brought this bike with me when I moved to Florida-one of only a few items I chose to take with me. And when it finally died, I shot it. Many times.

Then in 1993, I replaced it with this Yamaha Serow 220 enduro. This was my funnest bike ever!

When I left Florida for Hawaii in 1999, I did not take it with me…

…but as soon as I arrived back in CT, I got this Susuki DR 225 enduro. This I only had for two years and sold it when I moved to Alaska. I rode no motorcycle in Alaska except for a Harley Davidson Fatboy, but that was just for a day.

When I moved back to CT for the third time, I got this Triumph 900. Had some great foliage tours with it-even got a Triumph leather jacket!

I Was missing the dirt and I got a great deal on this Kawasaki KTX 125.

It was quickly replaced with my Kawasaki KX250F-now all I need is a (legal) place to ride it.

This is my current street bike. The best bike I have ever ridden. I Never enjoyed riding as much as I have since this one-and not just because I can easily reach the ground. I have no windshield, no excess baggage, lots more power and speed. This new 2010 VTX 1300 is such a pleasure to ride, and after more than 35 years of riding, I think it’s kind of cool that it’s a Honda, the same brand I started this hobby with.

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