I was thrilled to go back to Bonaire, “divers paradise.”

This is the house we stayed in-the view from the pool.

This is the truck we rented. It looked just like this all day long while we dove.

On our last trip here it took us 63 dives to see a seahorse, this time Lisa found one on our 10th!

then a yellow one

and on our last day of diving, on our 85th dive, I found a red one!

My brother and his wife joined us on our 2nd week. It was great diving with my brother after not doing it for 21 years. This is us above.

Next joining us was a couple of Marks-one from the Navy and one from high school

This lionfish is beautiful, but killing everything here too.

Three times I found an octopus, two in a hole, and this light blue one swimming.

We saw lots of green morays. In this picture, Lisa gives it some perspective.

We saw many spotted eels too.

And at the end of one dive, this snake eel coming out to retrieve his pray I had just stolen from him.


The squid experiences were definitely my favorite (whether with one or 12 at once), and some of the interactions with them lasted more than 30 minutes at a time. We totally communicated with each other.

I saw plenty of puffers, one two-footer was the biggest I had ever seen.

I did my 900th dive there-and spent almost 70 hours underwater!

We saw eagle rays 4 times

and many ugly scorpionfish

along with this moon jellyfish-good frame, huh?

We saw plenty of turtles, swimming and eating, deep water and shallow.

This underwater memorial is for Captain Don of Captain Don’s Habitat

This is the elusive frogfish. He really thru me for a loop when he imitated me imitating him. To watch the short video of the interaction, go to my facebook timeline .

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