Bonaire U/W

frog fish mouth open 2

Of course, the true reason for Bonaire is the underwater world including this yellow frogfish.

And this yellow seahorse

This year I dove my 1000th logged dive-took 28 years.

Saw many of the usual suspects

Dove the Helma Hooker-basically Bonaire’s only shipwreck.

Celebrated my 1000th HOUR underwater

Saw three eagle rays including this graceful one feeding off the bottom with a few hitchhikers

Witnessed this baitball-then swam thru it and was ignored while being engulfed

Watched this stingray feeding-he chased me away when I got too close

As we were on our way back from one dive, we had the most amazing experience with an octopus. Unlike passed encounters with these creatures, this one was curious and bold. He actually leaped onto my Gopro while filming him. He opened the lens, then slid open the filter. I peeled him off before he could take the camera out of the underwater case. He was both strong enough and smart enough to do so. This trip awarded me amazing experiences with frogfish, seahorses, turtles, squid, and this octopus.


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