Gone Fishin’


It’s been a year since I starting fishing. I totally see why it’s so addicting.

This was my first time fishing. Age two with dad at Coventry Lake.

My first fish, age 10, Sabago Lake, Maine.

My next catch was off Long island Sound, around 1988, I recall catching tuna and amberjack, but no photos available.

Above is me in 1999 in Maui. Caught nothing. In 2000 in Maui we tried again with the same success.

Fishing with Exploration’s Kayak & (now) Fishing Club. Nice perch!

My biggest catch yet! Nice Bass!

I was inspired to make modifications to my own kayak and make it more fishing worthy.

Note the anchor on the front.

Two pole holders, drink holder, and tape measure duck tape to measure the Big one.

Catching Trout

Calico Bass

and pickerel – my longest fish ever!




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